Pimp My Nintendo DS

Pimp that DS, baby!

TechRadar's favourite PC and Mac colour customisation company Colorware has added the Nintendo DS to its list of gadgets it can offer a pimped-up paint job on, as you can see pictured right here.

Choose to pimp the DS to your heart’s content with Colorware’s proprietary hybrid coating process.

Choose a main colour, frame colour and bottom colour via Colorware’s online design studio interface or, if console colour design is not your forte, simply hit the 'Brainstorm' button in the design studio window for inspiration.

You can pimp your DS right now for a mere $129 (£65) and, if you are US-based, you can even buy a brand new, fully pimped DS Lite from the site from only $259 (£130).

Or you could attempt to do it yourself for almost free with a bit of Araldite (hint - don't!).

Adam Hartley