DSi Ware launches Christmas Eve

Wario rocks the Nintendo DSi on Christmas Eve. Only in Japan for now though, unfortunately!
Wario rocks the Nintendo DSi on Christmas Eve. Only in Japan for now though, unfortunately!

There are many times when we wished we lived in Japan. Today is one of those times, as Nintendo has announced the Japanese launch of the DSi Ware download service on Christmas Eve.

DSi Ware launches with 13 intriguing little games and quirky utility titles, including free ones such as Moving Memo Book that lets you create a comic using the DSi camera which can then be shared with friends. Sounds like a lot of fun to us!

Games wise, there is the release of camera-based Wario game Utsusu Made in Wario in which you move an image of your hand and head around in some zany Wario mini games (inserting your own fingers in virtual noses is sure to raise the usual Beavis and Butthead style delighted chuckles…)

DSi pricing strategy

That game will set you back 500 DSi Points, with DSi Ware titles set to feature four pricing categories:

  • Free of charge such as the DSi Browser and Moving Notepad.
  • DSiWare200: software that the user can purchase for 200 Points (£1.50) which will be very compact utility applications and small games
  • DSiWare500: software that the user can purchase for 500 Points (£3.75) which will be simple puzzle games and other, more sophisticated utility applications.
  • DSiWarePremium: software that requires 800 Points (£6.00) or more for the larger games and utility types.

200 DSi Point games launching later this month include titles such as Bird and Beans, Paper Aeroplane and A Little Magic Tournament.

500 DSi Points titles set for Xmas Eve arrival include Art Style Aquario/Decode, A Little Dr Mario and Simple Trumps.

Finally, an 800 DSi Ware Points game set to arrive later this month is A Little Brain Age: Word Version/Logic Version

For further details on the above-mentioned titles head over to IGN.

No word from Nintendo UK on a planned DSi launch for over here yet, but we continue to hope and pray that it will be out in Easter 2009 and that they won't even consider making us wait until Christmas 2009.

Adam Hartley