The PlayStation 4 is coming... today

The PS4 will be revealed to the world later today

Unless Sony is staging the biggest practical joke in consumer electronics history, the PlayStation 4 is about to be unveiled at an event in New York.

TechRadar is at the venue and working on bringing you some pictures. The event kicks off at 11pm UK time, 6pm in New York, 3pm on the west coast and 10am in Sydney. So very soon!

What are we expecting from Sony, then, and what should you be expecting from TechRadar?

Well obviously it's the PS4 launch so we're going to find out what Sony has in store for the next generation of gaming. We're pretty sure we already know what the actual specs of the unit are, though there remains some confusion over the exact amount of GDDR5 memory and some perplexion regarding the mooted weak-ass AMD CPU. We're hoping for a nice surprise or two in this area - but we'll see.vvvvv

What we really want to know is: will the PS4 offer 4K gaming? Will we get full-body motion control or are the Orbs of Move still blobby as ever? What kind of interaction with the PlayStation Vita will there be? And what launch titles will we see and just how pretty are they going to be?

Will the PS4 be backwards compatible with PS3 titles? What secrets does the DualShock 4 control pad have in store? And just how extensive will the console's media capabilities be?

All will be revealed later on, and rest assured TechRadar will be at the event in force to bring you every geeky detail of every feature. And if you can't wait to read more, check out our PS4 landing page to find out everything we know so far.

What do you want to see revealed at the PS4 event today?

James Rivington

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