The best Wii deals for Christmas

Nintendo Wii
A huge variety of Wii bundles are available at many different price points

The Nintendo Wii has always enjoyed its lowest-of-the-consoles pricing and that's resulted in some epic Christmas success. It's the biggest selling and a couple of years ago - unless you were Christmas shopping in March - you had snowman's chance of getting a Wii.

The trick with a great Wii deal is getting the right game bundle because despite stand out titles, there's a lot of dross mixed in.

You can buy the stand alone Wii console with the Sports Resort Pack for just £164 and get 384 clubcard points as well. The Hut adds just £25 to that price to offer PES 2010 on top at a grand total of £189.73.

Pixmania has just released a series of Wii deals that should excite anyone looking to get active this Christmas. They're selling a Wii for £154 with a single remote, nunchuck, Motion Plus, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

There are also deals on the Limited Edition Pack if you're looking to go one better than the Jones', but this ups the cost to £182.

Wii Fit among the deals again

One of the most popular deals for Wii shoppers this Christmas remains Wii Fit, and Game has a fantastic deal on the Limited Edition Wii Black with the Wii Fit balance board for £229, which is an extremely competitive price. The same deal is available over at Play as well.

The standalone Wii Fit board and game is £79.99, which when added to the £164 for a console comes to £244, making Game's price very competitive. The smart choice, however, is to buy Gamestation's £59.99 Wii Fit standalone, and get a bundled game at Amazon, giving you a net saving.

Amazon's amazing choices on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles and free games isn't replicated as strongly with the Wii, but a good option is to get Mario Kart with a Wii Wheel for £20 when buying the console for £164.99, saving you £6 on the retail price.

There are other games in Amazon's deal for just £15 such as FIFA 10 or Need for Speed Nitro, but these aren't popular Wii titles and Mario Kart is by far the best title available.

Other strong Wii titles which can be picked up relatively cheaply are Tiger Woods 2010, which Dixons is offering for just £179.89 with a console with Wii Sports Resort and MotionPlus included.

They're also bundling a Wii and Grand Slam Tennis for £179.89 and the Limited Edition black console with Shaun White Snowboarding and Lego Indiana Jones 2 for a very reasonable £199.89

If you're looking for a complete package this Christmas, PC World could be your best port of call. They have a huge range of Wii bundles, the most expensive of which is £319.89.

This gets you the console with the sports pack full of plastic peripherals which will overtake your home, secondary remotes with MotionPlus, Wii Fit, and the Sonic Winter Olympics game, which will keep the family entertained all Christmas.