Sony got PlayStation 3 price 'about right'

Sony has been criticised for the price it put on its PS3

The PlayStation 3 is not over-priced; Sony got the price spot-on right from the start. That's according to gaming mogul Yves Guillemot. The Ubisoft boss said that Sony's launch price for the shiny black console was right. But added that it will have to cut the price soon to attract new customers.

"Everybody has to remember that volumes are very dependent on price. I know the platform holders all know that, so now we have to wait for them to see when they want to achieve those numbers," Guillemot said in an interview with

"[Sony has] sold a machine that is actually expensive to build at the right price for consumers. It's just that if we want more consumers, we'll have to have a price that will make more people come in," he said.

Last month, Guillemot publicly stated that he thought Sony needed to reduce the price of the PS3 "significantly".

Sony's price is right

And in this latest interview, he said: "I was just saying that in the last generation, we had machines that were at a lower price and they were selling more.

"It's just something to consider for all the manufacturers, that the price of the machine has a huge impact on the number of machines sold."

Earlier in the week, Sony boss Howard Stringer hinted that Sony would be making price cuts to the PlayStation 3 later in the year.

In an interview with the Financial Times , Stringer said that Sony is "refining" how much it can afford to cut the price of the PlayStation 3. He also said there was "no question" that gamers wanted a price cut.

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