Minecraft for PS4 released on PSN, coming to Xbox One on Friday

Minecraft for PS4 released on PSN, coming to Xbox One on Friday
More bits mean more blocks

Minecraft for PS4 has been released on PSN ahead of the full disc-based version, while Minecraft for Xbox One will be out on Friday, 5 September.

After a few certification-related delays, Minecraft for PS4 has gone live on PSN, selling for £12.99.

Those who have already bought the PS3 version will be able to upgrade to the 'next-gen' edition for just £3.69, again through PSN.

While it might seem silly to upgrade when Minecraft has such basic-looking graphics, there's a big upside to the PS4/Xbox One version.

Minecraft on the latest consoles offers worlds 36 times the size of those on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Saves from the PS3 version can also be transferred over to the PS4 as well, meaning you don't need to throw away your old creations.

The lower-cost generational upgrade is available to both those who downloaded the game, or bought it on disc – you just need to have played it with online access for it to have registered.

via PlayStation Blog

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