Definitely no Microsoft Xbox 720 reveal at GDC 2013

xbox 720
Looks like you'll be waiting until E3 for the main event

If you were clinging on to the hope that Microsoft might spring an Xbox 720-related surprise at GDC this week, forget it.

Microsoft confirmed to TechRadar today that it has no plans to show anything at all at GDC this week, despite many rumours suggesting there might at least be a technology demo or some other kind of pre-announcement.

Sony's mega-early PS4 launch event back in February is said to have caught Microsoft somewhat off guard, so many industry names speculated that there might be some kind of demo reel or early preview at the show but this has not transpired.

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Nothing. Nought. Nada

At TechRadar we were hoping for at least maybe a titbit of info such as the name of the console. The internet continues to refer to the new Xbox as the 720, but we reckon it's more likely to be just 'Xbox' or something else entirely - no one actually expects it to be called the Xbox 720, right?

Instead, it looks increasingly likely that Microsoft is planning a bespoke event in April or May to show off its plans for Xbox moving forward, with a full presence at E3 in June. Our buddies at CVG reported last month that Microsoft's event partner registered the domain in February, and chronicled an increasingly likely April launch date.

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