BBC iPlayer available on day one for Sony PS4 buyers, unlike Xbox One

BBC iPlayer available on day one for Sony PS4 buyers, unlike Xbox On
iPlayer is already showing up on pre-release PS4 consoles

The Sony PS4 console will arrive in the UK packing the BBC iPlayer app when it goes on sale next Friday 29 November, reports have confirmed.

The Sixth Axis website, which has a pre-release PS4 console, says the iPlayer, BBC Sport, IGN and Demand 5 apps have already shown up on the console.

The site said there's no sign of Netflix, Lovefilm, 4oD, Blinkbox and NowTV, but there's a chance those apps will arrive in the week leading up to the console going on sale.

With iPlayer on board on day one, Sony can claim a minor victory over the Xbox One, with the BBC still in the process of developing its version of the on-demand portal for Microsoft's new console.

No Auntie

The Xbox One went on sale in the UK today without Auntie's app, but with 4oD, Netflix, Lovefilm and Demand 5 all on board the console.

Currently Sky says it has no immediate plans to bring Sky Go to the next-gen consoles, but the company is likely to roll out the on-demand portal to the Xbox One sometime next year. Now TV will arrive on the Xbox One next summer.

Does the presence of the iPlayer affect which console you'd prefer to have in your living room? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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