BoneTown: latest news in 'adult-themed' gaming

BoneTown - the latest attempt at developing an adult-themed game, featuring graphical sex and drug use

Now here is one that is bound to confound the ratings bodies at the BBFC and PEGI – an American developer called D-Dub Software is currently touting about a game called BoneTown, described as a free-roaming game based around having sex and taking drugs.

Uh-oh! Somebody alert the UK's moral guardians quick!

As well as enjoying virtual sex and pretend drugs, gamers can also fight 'The Man' in their quest to save BoneTown. By using their flatulence powers.

Catering to the demographic

The devs at D-Dub believe that, because the average age of a gamer is now reported to be 33 years old, it is high time ('high' time – geddit?!) that an adult-themed game for this demographic was deemed acceptable.

D-Dub Software states in their PR blurb: "We wanted to make a video game that represented what we think is fun…We don't want to kill people or be wizards in a video game; we want to party, get in fights, get girls, and laugh our butts off.

"Sure, some people will think it's inappropriate…But number one, this game is for adults. Only. And number two, we can stand behind what we put in here.

"What we think is inappropriate is the intense and horrific violence that makes it into most video games. How is this game inappropriate compared to that?"

BoneTown is out now as a boxed game or digital download. If you really do need to know more, head over to Which, unsurprisingly, is very much 'NSFW'.