Art of Videogames to hit E3 2008

Artwork from Rare's beautiful 'family friendly' Viva Pinata

The fifth annual 'Into the Pixel' exhibition has been announced by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the games industry’s annual homage to the best game artists of the past year.

So despite the hoary old 'are games art?' debate rearing its head again on the release of GTA IV this week, it seems that for many in the industry they certainly are considered as art.


"Each year Into the Pixel convenes a jury of world-renowned museum curators, gallerists, educators, artists and interactive entertainment art veterans to review the art submitted by video game artists from all over the world," the exhibition’s website informs us.

"Only 16 pieces are ultimately selected by the jury to be printed by a master printer, framed and hung in the ITP gallery, which then travels around the US and abroad."

Eminent jurors

Non-industry jurors include Louis Marchesano and Glenn Phillips, curators at the Getty Research Institute, Richard Duardo, managing director at the Modern Multiples Fine Art Studio and Kevin Salatino, curator at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

Industry jurors include Daniel Dociu, chief art director at NCsoft North America, Lorne Lanning, of Oddworld Inhabitants fame and Kiki Wolfkill, executive producer at Microsoft Game Studios.

The Into the Pixel exhibition will be on show at this year’s E3 (15-17 July).

Adam Hartley