Free mobile data for a month anyone? Vodafone is giving it away

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You can now get free, unlimited smartphone data for a month in the lead-up to Christmas, thanks to a new offer from Vodafone.

The network is offering 30 days of free unlimited data from December 1 until December 30. If you're not already on Vodafone, check out the best Vodafone deals on a variety of handsets (or Vodafone SIM only deals) to get involved.

This advent offering is available via VeryMe on the MyVodafone app, with 200,000 passes to grab before December 21 – so be quick. The offer is for Pay Monthly customers only and applies to those not already on an unlimited data plan, of course.

Vodafone vs Covid

Vodafone is already offering free data to NHS workers as part of its commitment to help during the crisis. The Voxi for Now tariff also works towards this cause, offering endless calls and data to jobseekers for £10 per month for six months.

Nick Jeffery, Vodafone UK CEO, said: "We want our customers to stay connected to friends and family without worrying about running out of data or spending too much this festive season. We pledged earlier this year to take whatever spare capacity we had and make it available for customers and those most in need across the UK. What better time to do this for our customers than Christmas."

The unlimited data does have a limit for European roamers, at a still-impressive 25GB mark.

And if you just want to check out the competition, then check out our best mobile phone deals guide to find something more suited to your needs.

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