Fitbit smartwatch may have to launch without an app store

Fitbit is pinning a lot of hope in its first ever smartwatch as interest in its fitness trackers range has begun to dwindle, but it looks like the launch may either be delayed or be missing a major feature of the wearable.

The Fitbit smartwatch has been rumored for a few years and it's thought the company acquired Pebble last year to gain talent to ramp up work on the watch, but a new report suggests the company is struggling to get a Fitbit app store ready for the expected launch date.

Bloomberg spoke to sources familiar with the product that claim a third-party app store is proving more difficult than originally expected for the company.

The wait continues

It means the Fitbit smartwatch may have to launch without a third-party app store, but that will likely limit the functionality of the wearable when it's first released. Fitbit may instead decide to delay the launch of the watch.

Fitbit disagrees with the report though and provided a statement that said third-party apps are “on track”.

The statement also says any claims the developer program is struggling are false.

Bloomberg's report suggests the final watch will be capable of mobile payments as well as having music integration. Rumors of a Spotify tie-in with the Fitbit watch look to have dried up after talks between the two companies have broken down.

The sources also claim the company is looking to release follow up devices to the Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Blaze ranges within the next year as well as some improvements to the Wi-Fi scales made by Fitbit.

James Peckham

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