First photos of Nintendo 64 Classic Mini appear with telltale controller ports

Nintendo 64 Classic Mini

We’ve been waiting for definitive proof of the development of a Nintendo 64 Classic Mini for almost a year now, and we’ve not had much to get excited about since a patent filing in May – but now the first photos claimed to show the new console have appeared on Twitter.

The images, which are the subject of intense speculation as to their authenticity on the N64 sub-forum on Reddit, are closely cropped photos of what appears to be an N64 Classic Mini and its hide-away controller ports. 

What makes the leak appear to be legitimate is the fact that the ports look identical to those found on the NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini consoles.

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If you look at the photos closely, they appear to be taken from behind a screen, which is what Twitter user Nacho & Pistachio, who isn't revealing his source, claims to be the case. The blurriness of the images could be down to poor photography or an object in motion, perhaps in a promotional video

Oddly enough the console in question sports a memory expansion port, just like the original console did, but we doubt this will be functional in the final product – assuming it and these photos are even real.

Sadly, this is all we have for now regarding the existence of an N64 Classic Mini. Here’s hoping this leak is followed up with an announcement before the Christmas shopping season gets into full swing.

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