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Fit and Well
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As the world starts to emerge from lockdown, it's a great time to pause for a moment and take a good look at your physical and mental wellbeing. What could you do to get healthier and happier? is a new site from Future Plc, publisher of TechRadar, that'll inspire you do exactly that. Whether you're interested in losing a few pounds gained during quarantine, looking for some fresh new recipe ideas, or want to start meditation, there's a guide here for you.

You'll also find a full couch to 5K plan, which will help you start running in just 10 weeks. It's a truly comprehensive guide that you can tailor to suit your abilities and adapt as you go, with lots of advice on how to stay motivated.

"People's priorities have naturally changed as a consequence of living through the greatest public health scare in living memory. Being fit and healthy is no longer an option, particularly for those in high-risk groups, it's a practical necessity," said Paul Newman, managing director of 

"That's why we've launched to provide people of all backgrounds with practical and accessible advice for everything from weight loss to eating more healthily."

Take a minute now to check out, and give 2020 a fresh, healthy new start.

Cat Ellis

Cat is the editor of TechRadar's sister site Advnture. She’s a UK Athletics qualified run leader, and in her spare time enjoys nothing more than lacing up her shoes and hitting the roads and trails (the muddier, the better)