Facebook Messenger has a new Star Wars-themed dark mode – here's how to try it

Facebook Messenger Star Wars theme
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There's already a Facebook dark mode, but just in time for the launch of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (and capitalizing on the ongoing dark mode trend), Facebook has rolled out a new theme for its Messenger app inspired by the dark side of the Force.

Unlike most dark modes, this one isn't intended to conserve battery life or relieve eye strain; it's just for fun. In addition to a star-scattered wallpaper, you get a set of Star Wars emoji, cartoon stickers, and augmented reality filters to liven up video calls and selfies.

Facebook says that the theme is 'limited edition', but hasn't clarified exactly what that means. It seems likely that it'll remain as part of the app until some point int he new year, once excitement about the new movie has died down.

How to try it

The new theme is rolling out worldwide right now. To enable it, make sure you have the latest version of Facebook Messenger from the App Store or Google Play, then open a chat (or start a new one) and tap its name at the top of the screen. If you've received the update, you should see a 'Theme' option at the top to access the new Star Wars design.

If you can't see the option, you may have to wait a little longer for it to arrive, but you should get it well before the new film launches on December 19.

Facebook Messenger Star Wars theme

(Image credit: Facebook)

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