EE now offers same day smartphone delivery service

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Mobile phone network and retailer EE has announced a new service, which aims to make buying and setting up a smartphone easier and faster than ever. You don't even need to go out the front door to get your latest mobile phone deal.

The new superfast delivery from EE lets you order your smartphone online, have it delivered to your door the same day and be setup for you by the person that delivers it. That person will be a expert from tech delivery specialists Enjoy who is there just to make sure you are happy and feel comfortable using your new phone from the get-go. 

This could be ideal for those looking to change from Apple to Android, or vice versa (and on the UK's fastest 4G newtork, no less) where the new phone platform might otherwise be a daunting prospect. It also means the process of moving contacts, messages, images, videos and more across devices will all be taken care of for you.

Fast network, faster delivery

What's great about this service, EE says, is the ability to select a specific delivery location and time. So you could have your new phone delivered and setup in the office, the gym or even the pub if you want.

As Marc Allera, CEO at EE, puts it: “Although we’re a nation of gadget lovers, many people just don’t have the time to learn about or set up the latest features on their new smartphone."

The catch? Initially this will be a greater London only service and it will be limited to pay monthly contract phones. This will also only apply to the latest flagship smartphones.

Head to the EE website to take advantage of EE's new superfast service.

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