LG bakes Spotify into its smart Blu-ray and speaker line-ups

Spotify on LG
The home entertainment system is fully operational *evil laughter*

LG is baking Spotify into all its smart media devices launching this year, including its Blu-ray players and speaker systems.

The music service will be available as an app for smart platforms from April, letting premium users browse Spotify's extensive library or listen to Spotify Radio - so you will need to sign up to Spotify's £10/$10 per month service to access your tunes on the LG kit.

With Netflix, Lovefilm, and social media services such as YouTube and Facebook already available through LG's Smart platform, Spotify will be a welcome addition for music lovers who want to get their fix.

But it does make us wonder - does the Blu-ray inclusion further suggest that Spotify is eyeing up property for a video-streaming service down the line?

Smarter than we think?

After all, the news does come just as we're hearing that Spotify might be setting its sights on its own Netflix-like video service. There's no suggestion from LG or Spotify that this is the case, but it would certainly be a clever way for Spotify to sneak its way into the home cinema.

"Spotify wants to be at the heart of the home entertainment experience, so it's a natural fit to make our music service available on Blu-ray players and home cinema systems," said Kate Opekar, director of hardware business development at Spotify.

Samsung announced a similar partnership with Spotify in 2012 to let users stream music through their Smart TVs.

Hugh Langley

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