Diablo 4 PC gaming accessory collection will let you slay demons in style

Diablo 4
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In celebration of Diablo 4’s launch on June 6, 2023, Blizzard, SteelSeries, and KontrolFreek have collaborated together to release a set of gaming accessories themed after the RPG title.

The Diablo 4 collection includes an Arctis Nova 7 gaming headset, an Aerox 5 gaming mouse XXL mousepad, and SteelSeries keycaps. Each of the accessories is styled to resemble items and equipment from Diablo 4, which is to say extremely cursed and awesome, with a fire and brimstone scheme and veins covering them. According to SteelSeries, there’s even an EQ preset for the Sonar audio software, though what that preset is hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Since these are licensed versions of already premium accessories, they cost even more, which might limit the market to truly devoted Diablo 4 fans. Of course, this is a limited edition set, so there’s probably not too much stock to sell through in the first place.

The full list of Diablo 4 accessories and pricing can be found below as reported by PCGamesN:

  • Arctis Nova 7 Wireless Headset | Diablo IV Edition – $199.99
  • Aerox 5 Wireless Gaming Mouse | Diablo IV Edition – $149.99
  • QcK XXL Mousepad | Diablo IV Edition – $39.99
  • SteelSeries Artisan Keycap | Diablo IV Edition – $69.99
  • KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks | Diablo IV Edition – $19.99
  • Collector’s Edition KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks | Diablo IV Edition – $29.99

Diablo 4 is a “special” game

Plenty of information about Diablo 4 has been revealed before its June 6 launch. The most hellish, which is fitting for the game, is one of the PC requirements if you want to play in 4K resolution. It necessitates that you have a massive 32GB of RAM in order to play at the highest possible resolution.

Another update involves the news that a special area in the open-world game, called Fields of Hatred, has player versus player (PvP). Even more shocking is that there’s also permadeath in that area, meaning that if you fight and lose, your character is permanently dead and can no longer be accessed or played.

Finally, it was revealed by the studio that it would be adding quarterly updates to its story content, along with a free and premium Battle Pass. Story content will be accompanied by new features and mechanics, though it won’t count as DLC or an expansion pass on its own.

No matter what, it seems that Diablo 4 will be a very special game that should resonate with fans, especially going by the popularity of the several beta tests that have already passed.

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