Diablo 4’s developer update may include something more than just dungeons

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Rob Fergusson, Diablo franchise director, has hinted at an exciting new surprise that Blizzard’ll include in this week's upcoming Diablo 4 livestream. 

Fans of the long-running series are getting treated to tons of information and updates on the upcoming demonic games' progress. Only last week, Blizzard revealed which changes are being made based on feedback from the beta. The updates seem wide-ranging as they cover class balancing, dungeon design, and UI, but thankfully, the Diablo 4 devs have more up their sleeves. 

An upcoming livestream is scheduled for Thursday, 20 April, at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 7pm BST / (Thursday) 4am ACT. The livestream will be about 90 minutes long and include an extended deep dive into even more critical aspects of the upcoming RPG. If you want to tune in, you can watch the developer update on Blizzard's official YouTube and Twitch channels.

Keep your secrets then 

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(Image credit: Blizzard)

As if fans didn’t need yet another reason to get hyped for this upcoming livestream, Fergusson took to Twitter to drop an exciting hint for what is to come. 

In reply to Diablo community manager Adam Fletcher’s tweet advertising the next developer update, Fergusson asked, “is this the one with the secret announcement, or are we not talking about that yet?”. 

This one short line has produced much speculation about what this “secret announcement” might be. Some fans are now geared up for the announcement of a new class, Paladin specifically. While other fans are now crossing their fingers for another beta focusing on the endgame or maybe even the early access period being pushed forward. 

Regardless of the highly-anticipated announcement, it’s clear that the Diablo 4 team over at Blizzard have got things under control. In a world filled with delays and incomplete games, it’s certainly nice to see. 

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