Chrome is making spending easier by filling out card details without syncing

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If Amazon Prime Day didn't make it easy enough to flex your credit cards, Chrome is now enabling your impulse shopping habit further by automatically entering your payment details without the need to sync your browser.

Until now, credit card details could be stored in Chrome along with bookmarks, passwords and settings, but they'd only be accessible on a different device if you activated Chrome Sync

Google is now rolling out a change that will let Chrome autocomplete payment details previously saved to your Google account without any input on your part. You'll only need to enter the CCV code (the last three numbers on the back of your card) to go ahead with your shopping spree.

According to Google's Chromium blog, this requirement means you're "always in control", but it could be alarming to see your card number and expiry date automatically entered on a new device if you're not expecting it.

That syncing feeling

The new feature will only work if you've signed into your Google account in Chrome, and it won't cause your bookmarks and other settings to be synchronized.

"Every time you open your browser, you have a task in mind to accomplish. We’ve built Chrome to help you do that as quickly and safely as possible, whether you are completing a search, viewing a website, or making a purchase," said Google.

The fact that automatically completing card details reduces friction between seeing an ad in Google Search and handing over your cash is probably just a happy coincidence.

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