Check your Fitbit sleep score tomorrow morning, and you might get a surprise

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Fitbit is introducing a new feature that will analyze your sleep patterns and tell you which animal they most closely resemble, with tips to help you get a better night's rest in the future.

Like the newly launched Readiness Score, which tells you how much energy you have for the day ahead and suggests activities to try accordingly, Sleep Animals is a tool that's available exclusively to Fitbit Premium subscribers, and as 9to5Google reports, is currently in beta testing for a small group of users.

We got our first glimpse of Sleep Animals back in May, when details were discovered tucked away in the installation files for the Fitbit Android app. However, despite the launch of various other new features for Premium members (including meditation sessions with Deepak Chopra and workouts with Will Smith), there were no further signs of a new sleep-tracking feature.

Now, however, it seems that it'll soon be ready for release, and able to compare your nocturnal habits to those of eight different animals to help you understand them more easily.

Bear necessities

Fitbit Sense

Each month, you'll be assigned an animal that represents your sleeping habits (Image credit: Fitbit)

If you're one of the users selected for the beta program, you'll receive your sleep score as normal in the morning, plus a card that informs you whether you slept more like a tortoise (slow to drop off), parrot (restless), hedgehog (shallow), giraffe (short), dolphin (uneven), or bear (good).

Each animal comes with a set of tips to help you reach the gold standard of slumbering like a bear. Adopt new sleeping habits and hopefully you'll be assigned a different creature in a month's time.

There's no indication when Sleep Animals will roll out to all Premium subscribers, but from what we've seen it appears that the tool is nearly complete, so hopefully we won't need to wait much longer.

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