Casio launches retro-cool NASA watch – but you'll have to move fast to grab one

Casio G-Shock NASA
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Casio has released a new NASA-themed G-Shock watch that's packed with retro design features harking back to the golden age of space exploration.

The Casio G-Shock DW5600 is spacesuit-white, with the 1975 NASA logo emblazoned on the face and various thoughtful nods to the Apollo missions (some more obvious than others).

Casio's G-Shock range has proved that a watch doesn't have to be 'smart' to be useful. Devices like the Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000 lack features like Bluetooth, GPS, heart rate monitoring and the other bells and whistles you'd find in many modern wearables, but make up for it by letting you tell the time in seriously challenging conditions.

The space-time continuum

The DW5600 isn't actually rated for use in a vacuum, and wasn't actually developed by Casio in partnership with NASA (which is why the face doesn't feature both brand names). It's still pretty robust though, being shockproof and water resistant to 200 meters.

Like all G-Shock watches, it also has an electro-luminescent backlight, but this one has a hidden surprise: an image of the moon that appears when the button is pressed, and lingers in the EL afterglow. There's also an image of the moon engraved on the back of the case.

There's a countdown timer too (naturally), a multi-function alarm and hourly alerts. A simple feature set, but one that comes with a battery life of around two years.

Stock is seriously limited, though. Casio is restricting purchases to one per household, and the first batch has already sold out. More are expected soon though, so keep an eye on Casio's site for an update.

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