The Kenbuster: never forget your CC charge

The Kenbuster, for forgetful motorists with less money than sense
The Kenbuster, for forgetful motorists with less money than sense

Around 5000 drivers in London forget to pay the congestion charge every day, which equates to around a ridiculous £65 million in fines over the course of a year.

The new KenBuster device has been developed purely to help drivers avoid making this costly mistake.

It's a unique gadget that automatically pays the Congestion Charge for you every time the zone is entered within controlled hours, through a nifty deployment of GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.

Snaring forgetful motorists

Matt McCluskey, inventor of KenBuster claims that: "While the Congestion Charge may not be liked by motorists, it does keep London's roads moving."

He adds: "The method of collection is designed to snare forgetful motorists and drive revenue, even though the technology is there to allow collection automatically.

"The KenBuster redresses the balance of power between motorists and the authorities, saving millions of pounds in fines for thousands of motorists a year."

Less money than sense?

The KenBuster will set you back a whopping £200, but it could well be a god-send if you are a rich, forgetful motorist with less money than sense, available now online at

Of course, you could always just take the bus! Or even, like our good Lord Mayor Boris himself, take your life into your own hands by cycling around the West End…

Adam Hartley