Spotify hits the road again as Volvo adds it to the dashboard

Spotify hits the road again as Volvo adds it to the dashboard
Spotify - driving anthems at the ready

Volvo will be making Spotify available through its Sensus Connected Touch system, which means that the music service will be fully integrated into its new car dashboards.

Just as with the Ford tie-up announced last month, you'll be able to control the tunes using nothing more than your voice - a must for an in-car system so that drivers can keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

Volvo's dashboard system is an Android-based one - as well as the voice-control there's also a 7-inch touchscreen to play with (although not while you're driving please).

Not yet though

Unfortunately, you won't be able to take advantage of the Spotify-infused Sensus Connected Touch systems until May 2013, at which point it can be fitted in all new Volvos and retrofitted into some older Volvos (2011 models onwards).

Spotify explains its interest in the car, with Pascal de Mul, Global Head of Hardware Partnerships, explaining: "We know that the car is the number one environment in which people want to listen to music, so we are working to make Spotify availble for drivers in as many types of car as possible."

So expect to see more announcements from Spotify and its new four-wheeled friends soon.

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