Amazon Alexa can now start, lock, and honk your Genesis G80 and G90

Amazon Echo and Genesis G90 integration

Look out, world - Amazon's Alexa is about to start controlling cars. Genesis Motors has just become the first automaker to launch an Amazon Alexa Skill, enabling the Echo, Dot, and Tap to send remote commands to the G80 and G90 sedans.

We've seen cars talk to homes, enabling motorists to trigger their Nest thermostat during their evening commute, but this process works in reverse. While inside the home, G80 and G90 owners can ask Alexa to start their car's engine, adjust the cabin temperature, lock/unlock the doors, and trigger the horn/lights.

Genesis G90

The new feature is being bundled into Genesis Connected Services (which is its terminology for Hyundai Blue Link), and we're assuming that the commands you see above are just the beginning. To boot, those who splurge on a G90 will receive an gift card to purchase an Echo, giving you no excuse for not taking advantage.

To get things going, you'll need to enable the Genesis skill within the Alexa app (available on iOS, Android, and Fire tablets), and then link your existing Genesis Connected Services Account within the aforementioned app. And that, folks, is the future unfolding in front of your eyes.

Darren Murph
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