Can it run Crysis? Nintendo Switch can, as remaster is confirmed

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Crysis developer Crytek has been teasing for a while now that a Crysis remaster is in the works, and now the speculation has been confirmed by the franchise's website - accidentally.

Twitter user @RobotBrush (via GamesRadar), spotted that the website's code (accessed by the site's Cookie Policy that has since been removed), reveals some information about the previously unconfirmed remaster including key art, improved features and which platforms Crysis Remastered will be coming to. 

While Crysis Remastered will unsurprisingly be coming to PS4, PC and Xbox One, the game's description also states it will be coming to Nintendo Switch. However a release date wasn't given.

It can run Crysis

Crysis is a first-person shooter originally released on PC back in 2007, but the game is notorious for only being able to run on the very best gaming PCs due to how demanding it was on computing hardware. Crysis became a benchmark of the best PCs and even spawned the meme "Can it run Crysis?". So, to see Crysis Remastered land on Switch is a surprise.

While technology has advanced hugely since Crysis was released, and its likely the game won't put quite as much strain on modern technology, we're not expecting the remaster to look (or perform) quite as well on Switch as it will on its console and PC counterparts.

The tweet from RobotBrush seems to imply that the API-agnostic ray tracing solution will be coming to current-gen consoles and the Nintendo Switch, but it's important to note that would be very difficult – if not impossible – to actually pull off.  

Developer Crytek hasn't officially confirmed Crytek Remastered but we're hoping its not long until we get a look at game in action.

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