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Budget Galaxy Z Flip phone could rock a mid-range chipset

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
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Samsung has been without a doubt leading the foldable race and that too with a massive margin. Foldable phones from the South Korean company are already in their second generation compared to some other brands that are still indecisive about adding a foldable device to their lineup.

That said, when you think it is about time for the foldable phones to become cheaper and affordable, all eyes are on Samsung to democratize phones with flexible displays. It has been rumoured since some time that the South Korean tech giant is indeed looking at an affordable variant of the Galaxy Z Flip phone and now reports (opens in new tab) suggest that the Z Flip 3 could come with a mid-segment chipset.

The latest report suggests that the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip smartphone could very well be the cheapest foldable phone yet. And to keep the new phone fits under a “budget”, it is expected to come with a few compromises like a mid-segment chipset and absence of 5G connectivity.

The omission of 5G connectivity may augur well for price-sensitive markets like India and others where 5G is still a distant dream and people still want to experience a phone with bleeding-edge technology but are not happy to pay extra.

The report talks about the presence of a Galaxy Z Flip variant with a model number SM-F720F that hints at an international variant of the Z Flip 3 without 5G connectivity. This also means that there could be another Z Flip version with 5G connectivity and obviously at a higher price point intended for a wider rollout.

 Samsung cheaper foldable phone’s launch date 

While the rumour mill is in its full swing, the affordable Z Flip may not launch any time soon. As of now, the South Korean company is focused on bringing out the Galaxy S21 lineup in January and it is unlikely that the cheaper foldable will be unveiled alongside. A cheaper foldable will surely take away all the sheen out of the Galaxy S21 launch and Samsung can hardly afford that given the below-par sales (opens in new tab) numbers of the Note 20 lineup.

Hence, you can expect Samsung to look for a new lunch date to accommodate its Fold and Flip lineup and this date could be equally spaced between Samsung’s two main launch events of the year that is, sometime around May or June next year. Even a few rumours in the past have hinted at May launch.

Jitendra Soni
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