Borderlands 3 cloud save bug is fixed – but has cost some PC gamers dearly

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Borderlands 3 players on PC have been suffering at the hands of a cloud save bug which has irrevocably deleted saved games in some cases, and although a fix has been applied, those who have already lost all their progress are out of luck.

Polygon reports that it has experienced similar issues, with the bug being widely highlighted on social media (and by IGN previously).

The problem, as detailed by Epic Games – which exclusively sells the PC version of Borderlands 3 via its online store – is the fault of a bug which caused a vital pop-up box to disappear.

The following scenario is described by Epic: a gamer plays on machine ‘a’ offline or with the cloud save feature not enabled. Then the gamer switches to another machine ‘b’ which is online, realizes that their save from machine ‘a’ isn’t available on the second PC, so quits.

Then the gamer returns to play on machine ‘a’ (but this time it’s online) which pulls down an empty profile from machine ‘b’. At this point, a pop-up box should appear asking the gamer if they want to use the newer or older save game, and if they select the older, any progress they made on the newer save (machine ‘a’) will be irretrievably overwritten.

Epic Games Store

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Boxing stupid

So, the bug meant that this crucial pop-up box wasn’t always appearing, and in those cases was therefore causing gamers to lose their saved progress. However, the hotfix that Epic has now applied ensures the pop-up dialog doesn’t ever get lost.

Of course, if you see the pop-up, always ensure you keep the newer save (although that should be obvious enough).

Epic reminds us: “Any progress lost is not recoverable.”

Those who have previously been affected by the bug, which may have cost them hours upon hours of game progress, will sadly have to start all over again.

While it appears that Borderlands 3 is going great guns on PC despite not being available on Steam, serious missteps like this from Epic are hardly going to endear the company to the gaming population at large. Particularly given that one of the most prominent complaints about Epic’s store is its lack of polish compared to Valve’s venerable gaming platform, so any serious glitches or oversights are going to be seized on.

And the Epic Games Store is already experiencing enough trouble on the PR front, let’s face it, without further reasons to pour on the hate.

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