Borderlands 2 is reportedly getting a new DLC to pave the way for Borderlands 3

Image credit: Gearbox Software

It's only a few months until the long-awaited Borderlands 3 finally releases, but if you're struggling to wait that long for your Borderlands fix then you could well be in luck.

According to a report by PlayStation Lifestyle, developer Gearbox is planning to release a new DLC for Borderlands 2 which aims to "bridge the gap between the end of Borderlands 2 and the beginning of Borderlands 3".

PlayStation Lifestyle claims this information comes via a "trusted anonymous source with first-hand knowledge" and reports that the new DLC is titled 'Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary'. 

What will the DLC be about?

Image credit: Gearbox Software

Image credit: Gearbox Software

From the title we can assume that the rumored DLC will focus on Lilith "the Siren", one of Borderlands' most popular characters. 

We know Lilith will be returning in Borderlands 3, so we're expecting that the rumored DLC will offer a better insight into Lilith's backstory, alongside how Borderlands 3's Children of the Vault came to power.

The DLC is rumored to be dropping during E3 2019 week but Gearbox hasn't confirmed its existence - yet.

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