Blair Witch is back at E3 as a videogame - and it actually looks good

Image Credit: Microsoft

After showing off a bit of Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order at E3 2019, Microsoft took a turn to the horror department with the introduction of a new game made in the Blair Witch universe.

The game trailer presented horror style of Alan Wake or Condemned, using a lot of darkness and the aid of a flashlight to see both where you're going and where threats are.

The plot seems to follow a man aiding authorities in the search for a missing  9-year-old boy named Peter Shannon. The protagonist wanders into the Black Hills forest with his dog named Bullet. And, naturally, the horrors of the Blair Witch catch up to him.

Little else is revealed about the game. The protagonist has a flashlight and camcorder handy, but the trailer showed no means of defense other than running away a la Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

The game appears to be highly atmostpheric, which scares coming from both the shifting environment and the sudden appearance of enemies.

One thing the trailer did seem to hint at is a degree of repetition in the game, like a game loop that starts you out at the beginning of the search for the lost boy multiple times but you'll learn more as you go along. We see the protagonist fall victim to an enemy in the trailer, and then we see the camcorder begin to play footage of him once again entering the forest at the beginning of the search for the lost boy.

The Blair Witch game will be available for pre-order today, and it will come with Xbox Game Pass at launch. The game is set to come to Xbox One and Windows PC.

Mark Knapp

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