Best Buy reportedly won't sell the Mate 10 Pro or other Huawei devices anymore

Best Buy will reportedly stop selling the unlocked Huawei Mate Pro 10 and other smartphones, laptops and smartwatches from the Chinese electronics company.

This is the latest US retailer to suspend ties the Huawei following AT&T and Verizon's last-minute retreat from plans to sell the Mate 10 on contract, according to Reuters.

The US government is said to have pressured American carriers and retailers to refuse to partner with the Shenzhen, China-based firm over security concerns.

Huawei insists it meets all US security requirements and offers a cheaper option for flagship-level devices for around $500 to $700, significantly cheaper than Apple's iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Don't expect the Huawei P20 here

It's becoming more difficult to find a Huawei phone for sale in the US without the support of any of the four major US carriers and now, reportedly, Best Buy.

Amazon remains the one retailer giant that's standing by Huawei. You can find the Huawei Mate 10 Pro for around $729 at the moment.

Today's bad news for Huawei doesn't bode well for the Huawei P20, the next smartphone that's coming from the company. It's said to have three rear cameras, but plans for its US launch now seem rather dim. The same goes for the new Huawei Mate X Pro laptop.

Even though almost all of the best phones and best cheap phones we've reviewed come out of factories in China, Huawei's close ties with the government are of issue. We'll update this story if we receive official comment from Huawei or Best Buy.

Matt Swider