Belkin's new Soundform Elite smart speaker doubles as a wireless charger

Belkin Soundform Elite
(Image credit: Belkin)
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Tech accessories maker Belkin is making strides into the audio market, having partnered up with premium hi-fi brand Devialet to create a new smart speaker.

At CES today, the two companies announced the Soundform Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker with Wireless Charger, a collaborative project that they’re promising is the first of its kind.

The device will combine the smarts of Google Assistant alongside high-fidelity sound and – the unique bit – will also include fast wireless charging capabilities of up to 10 watts.

With Devialet known for creating rather punchy, high-end audio products, you may be wondering how your smartphone is going to handle the vibrations emitted if it’s charging wirelessly on a speaker with two thumpy woofers inside.

Devialet reckons it’s sorted this problem thanks to ‘Push-Push’ technology, a vibration-cancelling dual woofer configuration that’s designed to cancel those vibrations without sacrificing any bass performance. 

The speaker is set to retail for $299.99 (around £228 or AU$436) and is already available for pre-order on the Belkin website, with an official release date of March 2020.

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