Beats and Kim Kardashian releasing some earbuds together was a matter of time

Kim Kardashian wearing a pair of Beats Fit Pro that match her skin tone
(Image credit: Apple)

Kim Kardashian and Apple are finally teaming up to bring you Beats earbuds that come in a range of neutral colors.

As part of the Beats x Kim collaboration, the Beats Fit Pro true wireless earbuds will be available in tones called Earth, Dune, and Moon (going from darkest to lightest). 

The focus from Apple and Kim has been on how these more muted colors (or "signature minimalist style" if you listen to Apple's Eddy Cue) and are designed firmly from a fashion point of view, with no changes to the technical capabilities of the buds anywhere to be seen.

However, if you’re set on picking up one of these new collaboration earbuds, you don’t have long to wait - and the great news is that the tie-in won't command a higher premium, which is great to see.

They’ll be available to purchase online at from August 16, and you can pick them up at select official Apple Stores from August 17 for the same price as a regular pair of Beats Fit Pro ($200 / £200 / AU$300).

This includes Apple’s New York store on 5th Avenue, and its Regent Street store in London, but not the newly Brompton Road store that gave us a packet of seeds.

The neutral colored Beats Fir Pro earbuds on a table

From left to right, Dune, Moon and Earth colored Beats Fit Pro (Image credit: Apple)

Are the Beats Fit Pro worth buying?

In our review of the Beats Fit Pro, we found that they delivered an AirPods Pro-like experience but at a lower price.

They have solid active noise cancellation (but it could be better) and effectively used Spatial Audio to enhance your favorite compatible Apple Music tracks. 

Annoyingly, they’re very Apple-centric, meaning Android smartphone users won’t get the full experience out of them; plus, they could be a bit more comfortable.

If you aren’t using one of the best iPhones out there, you might be better off with something else from our picks for the best workout headphones.

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