Bang & Olufsen unveils its most luxury headphones and speakers yet

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Not impressed by your common or garden speakers and headphones? Bang & Olufsen may have the luxury range for you – after giving a super-premium upgrade to a host of its most popular audio products.

The Golden Collection marks the company's 95th birthday, suggesting some impatience for a more meaningful centenary in a few years' time. However, there's no denying the strength of the aesthetic here, with luxury materials such as marble, wood and leather turning these audio products into true pieces of art.

Featured models include the Beosound 2 speaker (£2,250 / $2,250), now with a fetching marble base and gold detailing. The Beoplay H95 over-ear headphones (£700 / $800) are present, too, with a similar white/gold coloring and leather padding – and have never looked better in our mind.

The curiously-shaped Beosound Balance (£17,500 / $2,250) and Beoplay A9 (£2,250 / $2,250) speakers, as well as the Beovision Harmony OLED TV (£12,900 / $19,400) – already quite a pricey proposition – all feature too.

All that glitters is not gold

Bang & Olufsen has a reputation for premium audio products as well as innovative design, from the lampshade silhouette of the Beosound Balance to the rolling Beosound Edge – which is shaped like a coin standing on its edge.

The company is no stranger to out-there designs, then, though for anyone who needed that extra little dose of luxury in their home, these headphones and speakers are coming on sale – even if they seem almost too nice to use for anything as pedestrian as blasting Spotify into your ears on a morning commute.

The Golden Collection will be available to buy from B&O stores and third-party retailers, as well as (opens in new tab) from November 17, 2020 – which is the company's official 95th birthday date.

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