B&O BeoPlay A9 wireless speaker launches

B and O BeoPlay A9 wireless speaker launches
Target practice

Never afraid to shy away from the weird and wonderful, B&O's latest wireless speaker, the BeoPlay A9, isn't your average-looking music-disseminator.

If Facebook can be a chair, B&O's wireless BeoPlay A9 speaker is obviously a really difficult medieval archery target.

The A9 isn't just a crazy-looking face; it's rocking two 3/4-inch tweeters and two 3-inch midrange units, each driven by separate 80-watt class D amplifiers.

B&O reckons this should leave you with "perfect highs" and clear definition in the mid-frequency arena.


The 8-inch woofer takes care of the bass, with adaptive bass linearization for rich low tones.

You control the whole thing by way of a capacitive touch sensor that lets you swipe up and down to change volume or covering it to mute the thing (after you've washed your hands, obviously).

Other more complex controls are handled by the iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

And yeah, we know you're only still reading to find out what the price is; you'll need a spare £1,699 (at least – or US $2,699, approximately AU$2,630) to kit your home out with a BeoPlay A9, not to mention the Nordic makeover you'll need to give your living room so that it fits in.

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