The 11 most ridiculous iPod accessories ever

7. Solid Alliance Karrubi rare pob
¥8,890 (£66.20)
Nothing quite sums up the iPod like the great look, feel and smell of fresh Wagyu beef. Well in Japan anyway. Hailing from the same crazy crew as the USB Humping Dog, this iPod nano case even comes in its own meat-counter-style packaging. Yum. [via Wired].

8. The Clone Wars i-Twin MP3 Player / Alarm Clock
$14.99 (£10.90)
Could the Lucasfilm money machine sink any lower? Not only did The Clone Wars suck even worse than the other three prequels, but now we have to put up with sub-standard merchandising too. Take one crap alarm clock with a rubbish LCD display, hew an iPod dock into it, then add a tacky face. It's enough to make a Star Wars fan weep. Honestly.

9. PB Teen Smart Technology Tune-In Bed
$499-$799 (£362.98-£581.19)
Successor to the infamous iBed, the Tune-In Bed enables lazy teens to loll around in their pit all day, listening to their iPods through speakers in the headboard. This version includes built-in audio inputs, a volume dial and two 5W speakers. You can even use it to charge your iPod, mobile phone or other audio devices too. Mattresses, of course, cost extra.

10. The Classic Diner CD and iPod Jukebox
$299.95 (£218.19)
Another classic piece of fluff from Hammacher Schlemmer, this an iPod dock dressed up to resemble a '50s style jukebox. To listen to a track, simply press the appropriate number and letter buttons on the base and then soak up the sounds emanating from its stereo speakers. Other goodies include a built-in FM tuner and CD player, plus a CD of 1950s / 1960s hits. Thanks.

11. Soundwalk Audio MP3 Vest SW-501
You know how it is: you're communing with nature by yomping across Bodmin, but it's quiet. Too quiet. The answer is to festoon your body with this high tech waistcoat (as well as Sony's PlayStation Portable) and then boom out your favourite tunes through its built-in speakers. The Soundwalk Audio SW-501 vest weighs only 450g and is powered by 3x AAA batteries. It even comes finished in reflective fabric so any Beasts who can't hear you will be able to see you instead. [via Cult Of Mac]