WIN! A Pure Evoke Flow radio worth £150

Win one of three PURE EVOKE Flow connected radios
Win one of three PURE EVOKE Flow connected radios

The new PURE EVOKE Flow sets the standard for connected DAB and Internet radios and makes listening to stations around the world almost as simple as tuning into Radio Four.

The beautifully-designed piano black EVOKE Flow is TechRadar's favourite radio of the year so far, boasting crystal clear sound quality a particularly cool yellow-on-black OLED display with which you can easily surf the world's thousands of stations. Or you might just choose to tune in to your most-loved local commercial or BBC station on DAB or FM.

The EVOKE Flow works pretty much anywhere in the house, from the kitchen or lounge through to the bedroom, with the handle doubling up as a snooze button if you use it as a clock radio.

The Flow simply finds your home wireless network, connects to your router in a matter of seconds and then offers you access to more stations than you can ever possibly want.

Most importantly, internet radio stations are 'sortable' by genre, location, language and even sampling rate – which is simplified into a star rating (one star being the lowest quality sound and five stars being crystal clear to keep even the most demanding audiophile happy).

You can hook up your iPod, stream your iTunes music through it and - to get the very best out of the Flow - sign up for a free account at Pure's Internet Radio hub at to keep track of your favourite stations and Podcasts.

Further new developments due later this year include music 'tagging', whereby you can listen to a piece of music, click to buy and download the album to your PC.

This competition is now closed. The winners were Simon Maisey, Martin Robinson and John Booth.

Adam Hartley