Pure Classic C-D6 DAB radio review: tap into some CD-playing, retro music love

Radio, CD player, Bluetooth 5.3: you name it, it (almost) does it

Pure Classic C-D6 radio on the floor of a hi-fi listening room
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TechRadar Verdict

The Pure Classic C-D6 fully lives up to its retro name and reverses the trend of less being more, offering all anyone could possibly want from a home audio setup. It’s not for audiophiles but, as a hefty all-rounder, there are few complaints.


  • +

    Extensive connectivity options

  • +

    Useful remote control

  • +

    Simple to use


  • -

    It’s huge

  • -

    Retro look will be divisive

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Pure Classic C-D6: Two-minute review

The Pure Classic C-D6, and devices like them, are enjoying quite the comeback. Once in seemingly terminal decline, radio is back on the up and if you’re anything like me, you’re quietly impressed by the myriad DAB channel options out there. Heart 90s to propel you out of bed in the morning, Classic FM to crawl back there a few hours later.

Tapping into the retro joy that comes from a music system that includes a DAB/FM radio, CD player and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, the Pure Classic C-D6's old-school stylings look the part but won’t suit everyone. It’s squarely designed (literally) for sitting somewhere in a corner of your living room, destined to live out its days there. This isn’t portable and it’s sizeable enough that you won’t even want to move it between rooms unless you have absolutely to. 

However, it has charm. Like other Pure radios, it has all the essentials you could need wrapped up in an easy to use shell. Setup is a matter of plugging it in and leaving the radio to pick out dozens of DAB radio channels before you highlight your presets. 

A remote control simplifies matters further, though I was baffled at not finding any batteries in the (huge) box. A couple of dials on the front also help matters. You’re honestly not going to get lost here.

At £179.99 or €199.99 (and currently only available in the UK and in Europe), cheap the Pure Classic C-D6 is not. But it is a Bluetooth speaker, DAB/FM radio and CD player rolled into one, which makes it a bit better value. 

Once unboxed, it’ll live happily in your living room or on your bedside cabinet and fulfil seemingly all your audio needs at a steady, if not always exciting, pace.

Is it one of the best DAB radios we've had the pleasure of testing? Let's see.

Pure Classic C-D6 review: Price and release date

Pure Classic C-D6

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Allen)
  • Released April 2024
  • Cost £179.99 / €199.99 (currently only available in the UK and Europe)

The Pure Classic C-D6 was released in the UK and Europe in April 2024. It costs £179.99 or €199.99 depending on your region, making it a relatively mid-range option compared to the competition.

It’s cheaper than something like the Pure Evoke Home (at £399.99) or on a par with the Roberts Revival RD70, but with the addition of CD playing support. 

The non-portable DAB music system market is a fairly niche one if you want all these features, so the Pure Classic C-D6 feels fairly well priced for what it offers.

Pure Classic C-D6 review: Specs

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TypeDAB/FM radio
Drivers2 x 15-watt
Dimensions28.5 x 36.5 x 13cm
ConnectivityCD player, Bluetooth 5.3, aux-in, USB, DAB/FM
Remote controlYes

Pure Classic C-D6 review: Features

Pure Classic C-D6 DAB/FM Radio, CD player, Bluetooth speaker on a carpet

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Allen)
  • Remote control
  • Extensive connectivity options
  • Alarm feature

The Pure Classic C-D6 is huge, more on which later. Fortunately, such abundant heft means there’s a lot going on here. The all-in-one unit is packed with options which are easily found by scrolling through the various dials.

At its heart, the Pure Classic C-D6 is a DAB/FM radio but it’s also possible to use it as a CD player, plug in a USB stick or pair a device with it via Bluetooth. In theory, you don’t actually need another speaker or music system in your living space as the Pure Classic C-D6 covers all the bases – it's also got an aux-in.

Its Bluetooth 5.3 is supremely stable and robust – no risk of drop outs here. Switching between the modes takes a mere moment, with no noticeable lag while you go through your options. It’s a relatively minor thing but one that’s immediately noticeable. 

The Pure Classic C-D6 is purely wired so there’s no point worrying about battery life – it needs to be plugged in. Again, due to the not insignificant weight of the Pure Classic C-D6, you won’t be moving it around anyhow. 

Features score: 5 / 5 

Pure Classic C-D6 review: Sound quality

Pure Classic C-D6 DAB/FM Radio, CD player, Bluetooth speaker playing Heart 90s radio on a carpet

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Allen)
  • 2 x 15W speakers
  • Crisp sound
  • Limited bass

No one is buying the Pure Classic C-D6 and expecting energetic audio that captivates you in every way – reliability and convenience rule all here. That’s not to say that the Pure is poor quality aurally, but it lacks some oomph in the bass department. For instance, you may not notice the precise details of Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie.  

Instead, it does the job just fine while you listen to the radio. Heading over to a 90s-themed channel, I enjoyed being reminded of my youth with the kind of audio quality I expect from my car’s reasonable-but-unremarkable DAB radio. It’s the perfect line in fine. 

That trend continues regardless of how you listen. Bluetooth and even CD playing are available here and it all sounds just... fine. No complaints, but no wow moment either. 

Sound quality: 3.5 / 5 

Pure Classic C-D6 review: Design

Pure Classic C-D6 DAB/FM Radio, CD player, Bluetooth speaker with a remote control on a carpet

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Allen)
  • It’s huge
  • Clearly laid-out buttons
  • Appealing display

The Pure Classic C-D6 is huge, even for what it offers. It’s designed to be fitted sturdily on a shelf or in a unit in your living room so that it can stay there forever more. Potentially, you don’t need any other basic audio equipment in that room so that’s fine but it’s good to plan ahead. 

The 15W speakers sit comfortably either side of a middle section devoted to the controls, screen and CD player. The TFT LCD display is fairly sharp and straightforward, with the buttons and dials around it making intuitive sense. Such a design means it’s easy to figure out everything you need to do and I didn’t really need to go anywhere near the manual to become a pro at navigating my way between all the Pure's various functions. There’s also a remote control for when you don’t fancy walking over to the machine. 

Turn the Pure Classic C-D6 around and there’s the aux-in port and USB port, neatly hidden away but also easily accessible when the time comes. 

It comes in either coffee black or cotton white with a faux wood exterior adding to the suitably retro vibe. I wasn’t a fan at first but the design did grow on me. It also looks and feels reasonably sturdy.

Design score: 4 / 5

Pure Classic C-D6 review: Value

Pure Classic C-D6 DAB/FM Radio, CD player, Bluetooth speaker with a remote control on a carpet

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Allen)
  • Mid-range pricing
  • A strong investment

The Pure Classic C-D6 is designed to be a long-term commitment. Place it in your home and you’re all set for the long haul thanks to its extensive connectivity options. 

If you want a nice and simple solution for all your audio needs, it’s fairly well priced. There’s always something like the Roberts Revival RD70 but, though it looks nicer, that lacks features like CD-playing functionality.

Spend more and you could get the Pure Evoke Home, but that’s only really necessary if you want built-in Spotify Connect and podcasts rather than simply casting across from your phone. 

Value score: 4 / 5

Should you buy the Pure Classic C-D6?

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Features Packed with so many ways to listen, you can’t go wrong5 / 5
Sound quality Hardly the key thing here but it’s fine3.5 / 5
DesignBig yet charming and with easy-to-use controls4 / 5
Value Priced well for its many features4 / 5

Buy it if...

You want an all-in-one solution
Buy the Pure Classic C-D6 and you won’t really need to buy anything else unless you’re an audiophile. 

You want a good-quality DAB radio
Pure knows how to make good DAB radios and this one is particularly easy to get started with.

You love retro looks
The Pure Classic C-D6 reminds me of the audio gear my parents owned and that has a certain charm to it.

Don't buy it if... 

You want fantastic audio
The Pure Classic C-D6 is pretty good as a jack-of-all-trades but it lacks powerful bass and that extra crispness you might want as an audiophile.

You want portability
The Pure is hefty and designed to be placed and left alone. Don’t count on taking it out with you, unless you've been bossing those one-rep max deadlifts down the gym.

You don’t need the extras
DAB radios are typically more affordable than the Pure so if you don’t need a CD player or any of the other added extras, give it a miss.

Pure Classic C-D6 review: Also consider


Roberts Revival RD70
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Pure Evoke Home
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How I tested the Pure Classic C-D6

  • Tested for 10 days
  • Used at home exclusively
  • Over 10 years of audio reviewing experience

The Pure Classic C-D6 lived happily in my home office for most of the 10 days I spent reviewing it, with a brief sojourn to my living room. Throughout the working day, it played in the background. 

That meant talk radio with a mixture of LBC, BBC Radio 5 Live, and BBC Radio 4. It also meant listening to music via the DAB stations as well as through Bluetooth and my iPhone 14 Pro playing Apple Music and Spotify. 

For the CD player, I dug out a few old CDs to see how things worked there. The Pure Classic C-D6 was my main source of audio-based entertainment while I worked.

Over the past 10 years or so, I’ve reviewed dozens of speakers, headphones and earbuds as well as more than a few DAB radios, too. These all covered a wide variety of price ranges. 

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