Apple releases iOS 12.3.2, which has only one job to do

Image credit: TechRadar

Sometimes operating system (OS) updates bring wild new features that re-invent the way you use your smartphone; this isn't the case with iOS 12.3.2, a new update to Apple handsets running iOS 12, which has just one job to do.

This job won't be seen by the vast majority of iPhone users, and even those who are affected might not even realize it – iOS 12.3.2's sole job is to eradicate one small bug that can occasionally occur on iPhone 8 Plus handsets, in one specific app. Talk about overkill.

The iPhone 8 Plus bug was that now and then, portrait mode pictures taken in the camera app didn't apply a post-processing depth affect, so you'd have to re-take selfies to get that 'bokeh' background blur.

It's not the biggest problem in the world, and some would argue it doesn't justify a whole new update to fix – iOS 12.3.1 didn't bring too many upgrades either though, although that had multiple bug fixes for a range of apps.

If you've frequently encountered the iPhone 8 Plus bug and find it a major annoyance, iOS 12.3.2 may improve your smartphone experience, but people wanting a major update will have to wait for iOS 13 later in 2019.

Also coming later in 2019 is the new iPhone 11, and we've started to receive a steady drip-feed of rumors and leaks surrounding that device, so stay tuned to TechRadar for all the latest Apple news.

Tom Bedford

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