Apple quits the monitor business, dumps own-brand Thunderbolt displays

Holding out hope for a new Thunderbolt display built by Apple? Prepare to have those dreams dashed - the Cupertino firm has confirmed it's leaving the standalone display business for good.

Though Apple revealed a new 5K Ultrafine 27-inch Thunderbolt 3 display at its 'Hello Again' MacBook Pro keynote last week, the monitor was actually made in partnership with LG.

It now seems as though that will be Apple's plan for the future too - standing aside from monitor development to let third-party manufacturers take the strain.

  • Apple is, however, still in the MacBook business

Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening

Apple discontinued its Thunderbolt display back in June of this year, but many hoped it was to facilitate the launch of a 5K screen sporting its own GPU. But that's clearly no longer the case.

The Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel, having spoken to Apple representatives at the event, tweeted confirmation of the move, stating that Apple was "out of standalone display biz."

Though we may have seen the last of Apple's own displays, the Cupertino company seems to still be making an effort to ensure that third-party monitors integrate well with Apple's products.

For example, the LG Ultrafine 5K 27-inch Thunderbolt 3 display's brightness can be controlled directly from a connected Mac, rather than from hardware buttons on the monitor itself.

If you're interested in LG's screen, you'll be able to pick it up from December, priced at $1,299.95 / £1,179 / AU$1,889.95.

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