Apple AirTags leak may be a sign they're coming at today's big event

Tile Pro
Apple's rival to the Tile Pro (above) might almost be here (Image credit: Tile)

Today (September 15) is the day of a big Apple event where we’re likely to see the Apple Watch 6, iPad Air 4, and maybe, just maybe, the iPhone 12. But one other thing we might see is Apple AirTags, as a new leak certainly suggests they’re coming soon.

Jon Prosser (a leaker with a mixed track record) posted renders of the Apple AirTags on Twitter and a Front Page Tech video. These aren’t official renders, but they’re based on what he claims is a video of the real AirTags, which he isn’t sharing in order to protect his source.

Based on the renders and the accompanying description, you can see that the AirTags are apparently circular, with a polished metal back (complete with an Apple logo) and a white front (with no logo). In the video he also claimed that AirTags are slightly larger than a bottle cap, and that a pouch to attach them to things will be sold separately.

AirTags have been rumored for a long time as Apple’s take on Tile trackers – devices that you can attach to valuables and then use to track said valuables if they’re ever lost or stolen.

According to Prosser they use ultra-wideband (UWB) for this, which he claims will allow for ultra-precise tracking. But while we’ve been hearing about AirTags for a while, this is our first look at the possible design, so it’s a significant leak.

And while this leak doesn’t guarantee that AirTags will land at today’s event, the timing does suggest it’s likely – and indeed on his video Prosser himself said that it’s likely, but made no guarantees.

We’ll find out one way or another very soon, as Apple’s event kicks off at 10am PT / 1pm EST / 6pm BST (3am AEST on September 16 in Australia) and TechRadar will be covering it in full, so check back then for all the news, announcements, and analysis.

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