AMD Ryzen 7 4700G 8-core APU spotted – and could be launched soon

(Image credit: AMD)

AMD’s Ryzen 7 4700G, the 8-core ‘Renoir’ APU which has been the subject of much speculation of late, is soon to be released according to the latest rumor, which is backed up with a purported image of the chip.

We’ve been hearing a lot about the 4700G recently, and the weight of evidence pointing to the existence of the alleged APU is getting pretty heavy now – and this is certainly another hefty addition to the rumor pile, coming courtesy of Videocardz which published an image of the chip.

According to the report, this is a picture of the final product, and the source who supplied it says that it “shouldn’t be long” before we see the Renoir range of Ryzen 4000 desktop APUs on the shelves.

AMD Ryzen 7 4700G Leaked Image

(Image credit: Videocardz)

As per previous speculation, the Ryzen 7 4700G will run with 8-cores and 16-threads, doubling up compared to the quad-core Ryzen 5 3400G from AMD’s existing range of Ryzen 3000 desktop APUs. It’s also expected to have a base clock of 3.6GHz, plus Radeon Vega integrated graphics with 8 compute units (CUs) clocked at 2100MHz.

We’ve seen no less than three separate leaks pop up pertaining to the 4700G in just the last week: firstly from TUM_APISAK and Komachi on Twitter, then @_rogame chimed in with a leaked game benchmark, and finally Igor’s Lab published the (alleged) full Renoir APU portfolio.

Now we have this latest spillage from Videocardz and it’s worth noting that the pictured 4700G chip has the same OPN (ordering part number) as an 8-core APU presented in the portfolio details provided by Igor’s Lab (100-000000146).

All adding up?

Everything is all adding up, or so it would seem, but as ever with anything from the hardware rumor mill, we still need to be careful about getting too carried away.

If the latest source is right, though, with the launch happening soon – which certainly makes sense given the copious amount of leaking activity around the 4700G in recent times – we won’t have long to wait to find out the truth behind the purported 8-core APU.

We’ve also heard that there are potentially a couple of 8-core Renoir APUs undergoing testing, one of which was clocked slower at around 3GHz (with integrated graphics at 1750MHz). So we may even see more than one version of an 8-core Renoir APU (which again is backed up by that portfolio spilled by Igor’s Lab).

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