Amazon Ring Alarm Pro is a security system and Wi-fi 6 router, all-in-one

An Amazon Ring Alarm Pro device installed on a wall in a home
(Image credit: Amazon)

The Ring Alarm Pro is the latest home security device from Amazon, but in addition to the home security features of the Ring Alarm, this new device will have a built in Wi-Fi 6 router with backup internet capability.

"We worked with eero to create a device offering professionally monitored home security and digital security (with a Ring Protect Pro subscription), so you can help protect your home online and off. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from your Ring Alarm, and more," the company said in a statement emailed to TechRadar.

The Ring Alarm was first introduced in 2018 to provide a professional home monitoring service to protect against theft, fire, freezing temperatures, and even floods. 

This new device, which requires a Ring Protect Pro subscription of $20 a month per location covered, provides the same Wi-Fi 6 coverage as an eero home router, which provides up to 1,500 square feet of coverage.

The new device will feature an always-on backup internet connection via cellular data connection in case your primary internet goes down, which will keep your devices and home security equipment like cameras connected to the internet.

Select devices will also feature local processing and video storage via a MicroSD card with Ring Edge, and the 64GB card included with the Ring Alarm Pro, which ships separately, should be enough for about 47 hours of Ring video clips.

The Ring Alarm Pro is now available for preorder in the US for $249.

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