Amaysim now selling phones & tablets outright, throwing 10% off until Oct 31

Amaysim is an Australian telco best known for its focus on international value in its plans, but for anyone in the market for a new handset, its latest announcement is sure to please.

The company has opened up an online device store where you can purchase the latest smartphone handsets (along with some older classics) outright at generally excellent prices. Conveniently, the company has also just launched some incredibly affordable SIM-only plans to go with your new phone.

If you don’t have the money for an outright purchase on hand, Amaysim's said it will make a number of payment plans available in the near future. Those plans won't tie you to a specific mobile service contract either, nor will they require you to stay locked in with the telco or pay the remainder off in a lump sum when you leave (unlike most competitors).

To top it all off, there’s a 10% discount on the entire store when you use the code HELLO10, so if you manage to get in and order before October 31, you can save some serious dollars.

We’ve sifted through the available handsets and come up with some of the best savings:

Is it safe to buy from Amaysim?

The slight caveat with Amaysim's store seems to be that they offer both Australian and import stock. With most models there’ll be some indication of whether it’s Australian or imported, and in some cases you’ll even be able to select which stock you’d prefer. However, even if you do purchase a direct import device, the company’s disclaimer (found at the foot of each product page) is fairly reassuring:

We source from near and far to get great quality devices at sharp prices. Sometimes the stock will be local, in other cases it may be a direct import. In all cases you will receive a solid local [2-year] warranty, Australian plugs or chargers and a device suitable for our network.

More tech on the way

Nestled in amongst the announcement comes the news that these currently available handsets and tablets are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Amaysim intends for the shop to expand into a "true online tech store", featuring laptops, drones, personal audio, gaming, VR, and connected devices in the near future, although a specific date for the expansion hasn't yet been announced.

This addition will join the Amaysim’s existing mobile, broadband, and energy offerings, as the company hopes to extend its claim on "online convenience, no lock-in contracts and great value". Hopefully we'll be seeing similar savings on the other tech items when they arrive.

Harry Domanski
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