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All the colors you'll probably be choosing from for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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In just over a month we'll see the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 announced on stage in New York, and we already know a lot about the phone. The latest leak even seems to confirm the color range for it.

Russian tech site Hi-Tech.Mail (opens in new tab) has found some high-quality renders of the upcoming phone showing it off in five different shades.

It's seemingly set to come in blue, copper, silver, violet and black. That's not a remarkably different line-up to the black, gold, grey and blue versions of the Galaxy Note 8, but the actual colors themselves look to have changed a bit.

The Note 9 in blue, copper, silver, violet and black. Credit: Hi-Tech.Mail

The Note 9 in blue, copper, silver, violet and black. Credit: Hi-Tech.Mail

The colors are more similar to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus range, but there have been some changes to make the more intense shades much brighter and bolder on the Note 9.

There's obviously no guarantee this will be Samsung's final line-up of colors at the launch, and it may be that we don't see all of these colors launch in every territory.

Not everywhere

In fact, Samsung is prone to releasing some colors just in select markets. Considering how Samsung usually treats its colors, we wouldn't expect to be able to buy the violet shade of the phone in every market around the world.

We've also seen a new benchmarking stat for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 through Geekbench - and spotted by SamMobile (opens in new tab) - that claims the Exynos 9810 version of the phone will be able to reach a single-core score of 3,716.

That's quite a bit better than a previous benchmarking score we saw for the same version of the phone, which had a single-core score of 2,737. The listing also provides further evidence that the phone will have 6GB of RAM, which is something we've heard before in previous leaks.

Expect lots more Galaxy Note 9 rumors and leaks in the coming weeks ahead of the August 9 launch.

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