6 new cheap Nokia phones were just revealed - here’s what you need to know

Some of the new Nokia phones
Some of the new Nokia phones (Image credit: HMD Global)

There’s no Nokia 10 yet, but the company has just revealed six new affordable phones that are designed to offer top experiences at lower prices than their flagship competition.

Unlike previous Nokia smartphones, HMD Global - the company behind the brand - has repositioned its lineup to include three new series called the Nokia X, Nokia G and Nokia C series.

The six new phones are the Nokia X10, Nokia X20, Nokia G10, Nokia G20, Nokia C10 and Nokia C20. The highest spec comes on the Nokia X20, while the cheapest phone is the Nokia C10.

Nokia X20 and Nokia X10

The Nokia X20 or Nokia X10 aren’t flagship phones for the brand - that is still the Nokia 9 PureView - but this is the most high-end duo of these new handsets from the company.

The Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 both feature a 6.67-inch Full HD+ display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 chipset, 5G connectivity and a 4,470mAh battery.

The Nokia X20 then features a 64MP main camera with a 5MP ultra-wide, 2MP depth sensor and a 2MP macro camera as well. Selfie shots will be taken with a 32MP front-facing camera, and you have the choice of a variant with 6GB or 8GB of RAM with both offering 128GB of storage.

If you opt for the Nokia X10, you’ll get a 48MP main camera with a 5MP ultra-wide, 2MP depth sensor and a 2MP macro. Selfies are then on an 8MP front-facing shooter. 

You’ve got the choice of three variants here, 6GB of RAM with either 64GB or 128GB of storage or one with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

The Nokia X20 comes in a color called Nordic Blue, or Midnight Sun (which is a golden shade) while the Nokia X10 comes in Forest (that’s green) or a white variant called Snow.

The Nokia X20 will launch in May in the UK, but we don’t yet have a specific date for when it’ll be available with the Nokia X10 following in June this year. The Nokia X20 will start at £299.99 (about $400, AU$550) and the Nokia X10 costs £249.99 (about $350, AU$450).

HMD Global has yet to confirm whether any of these new handsets will be coming to the US, and we'll update this article when we hear more on that.

Nokia G20 and Nokia G10 

If you opt for the Nokia G20 or Nokia G10, you shouldn’t expect high-end specs but these look to be well-built smartphones for how much they're set to cost.

Both these phones feature a 6.5-inch display with a HD resolution and a 5,500mAh battery, but that is where the similarities stop.

The Nokia G20 features a Mediatek G35 2.3GHz chip with 4GB of RAM, with the Nokia G10 switching it for a Mediatek G20 2.0GHz chipset with either 3GB or 4GB of RAM.

Your storage choices on the G20 include 64GB or 128GB, while the G10 is lower at either 32GB or 64GB of space.

The camera on the Nokia G20 is a 48MP main shooter with a 5MP ultra-wide, 2MP macro shooter and 2MP depth shooter (which sounds remarkably similar to the Nokia X10) with an 8MP camera for selfies.

You’re able to buy the phone in a dark blue color called Night, or a light blue color called Glacier.

The Nokia G10 switches that for a 13MP main shooter, 2MP macro and 2MP depth sensor alongside an 8MP front-facing selfie camera. Your color options are the same Night dark blue as the G20 or a Dusk color that looks to be purple.

The Nokia G10 is set to land by the end of April in the UK, and it'll cost £109.99 (about $150, AU$200). with the Nokia G20 following in May for £129.99 (about $180, AU$230).

Nokia C20 and Nokia C10

 The Nokia C20 comes with a 6.5-inch display with a HD resolution, a 1.6GHz chipset, the choice of either 1GB or 2GB of RAM and a main 5MP camera. It's set to cost £79 (about $110, AU$140) in the UK, and it'll be landing in June.

The Nokia C10 has a similar sized display with a HD resolution, a 1.3GHz chipset and the choice of 1GB or 2GB of RAM. HMD Global doesn't plan to bring this phone to the UK, and we've yet to hear where it'll be launched.

All six of these smartphones have some similarities too, so every handset we’ve mentioned here will come running Android 11 right out of the box. It’ll also have the company’s promise of three years of software updates.

Each handset also supports microSD cards up to 512GB if you’re in search of more storage, and each has a 3.5mm headphone jack too.

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