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UDG Creator Laptop Shield review

Protect your MacBook with this stylish case

UDG has gone for a light design that includes only minimal padding

Our Verdict

A little too narrow for a MacBook Pro but just the ticket for a MacBook


  • Well made


  • Too narrow for a 15.4 inch MacBook

    Slightly lacking in padding

This is a good quality laptop sleeve from UDG, the company better known for making DJ bags and boxes. It's soft-lined on the interior with a harder, tightly woven outer shell to take knocks, scrapes, and splashes. The zip is tough, too.

UDG has gone for a light design that includes only minimal padding. If we could improve it, we'd add extra padding on the interior and perhaps give it a carry handle. The current padding is enough to take light knocks but not a heavy hit.

Sadly, the case is also only 15 inches wide, which means a 15.4-inch MacBook Pro is just too wide for it. Sure, you can squeeze one in, but you stretch the zip to do so and compromise the protective shape of the shell.

For a 13-inch MacBook, it works surprisingly well. Despite the extra two inches for the laptop to slide around in, there's a heavy Velcro strap to grip it in place. It feels secure enough to carry about and has that extra inch or so either side to buffer sideways knocks. Ideal protection, then, for the smaller laptop.