Never miss another delivery with these Black Friday Blink Video doorbell deals

Black Friday
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If you've been thinking about giving your home a tech-savvy boost but aren't sure where to start, good news – these Black Friday Deals have your back with awesome discounts and cool product bundles!

If you're based in the United States, check out the latest deal on a bundle featuring the Blink Video Doorbell and Mini Camera, now available for just $49.99, down from the original $94.99. That's a sweet $45 off! Experience 1080p HD video quality and infrared night video, as well as two-way audio which means you can chat with delivery drivers, neighbours and friends right from your smartphone.

In the UK, Amazon is offering a similar bundle with the Ring Video Doorbell and the Amazon Echo Pop at a bargain, down from £144.98 to £49.99, knocking an impressive 65% off the original bundle price. Again, since the Ring Doorbell normally costs £99.99 on its own, and the Echo Pop also retails for £44.99, you're basically getting the Ring Doorbell for free!

If these bundles are not enough and you're looking to add more to your smart home collection, we have dedicated pages for Black Friday Ring camera deals and Black Friday Ring doorbell deals

Happy shopping, and enjoy the smart upgrades for your home!

Blink Video Doorbell and Mini camera bundle: $194.98now $49.98 on Amazon

Blink Video Doorbell and Mini camera bundle: was $194.98 now $49.98 on Amazon
Right now you can get this Blink Video Doorbell and Mini Camera which is designed for every home, offering easy installation and wire-free set-up thanks to the accompanying app.  Answer your door from wherever you are, connect your Blink Video Doorbell to your Amazon Alexa and engage in two-way audio, get alerts and so much more. 

Today's best Black Friday Ring Doorbell and Amazon Echo Pop deal - UK

Ring Doorbell and Amazon Echo Pop bundle: 144.99now £49.99 on Amazon

Ring Doorbell and Amazon Echo Pop bundle: was £144.99 now £49.99 on Amazon
If you want to get your smart home off the ground, the Echo Pop is a great choice to pair with the Ring Doorbell. We found it was a fun if basic option in our Echo Pop review. For the money, you get a compact smart speaker with Alexa built-in, so you can play music, ask questions and check the weather completely hands-free. Combined with the smart doorbell, which was awarded four stars in our Ring Video Doorbell review you get advanced motion detection and two-way talk so you can see, hear and speak to anyone from your phone or computer. All for a great price.

Packages like these provide an ideal starting point for embarking on your Smart Home journey, eliminating the need to worry about compatibility or the intricacies of device pairing. Given Amazon's ownership of the Ring brand, most, if not all, Alexa devices seamlessly integrate with indoor or outdoor cameras.

This Black Friday deal not only consolidates your smart essentials into one convenient package but also presents a significant discount, essentially resulting in the Amazon devices being complimentary. The synergy between the Alexa device and the Ring Doorbell enables you to receive mobile notifications upon doorbell presses, facilitates effortless setup through the Ring app and included mounting tools, and establishes a user-friendly two-way talk system for convenient in-home monitoring.

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More of today's best Black Friday Deals - UK 

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