We made it our mission to find the best espresso machine Prime Day deal, and we succeeded

Krups Coffee machine
(Image credit: Krups)

At this point during our extensive coverage of the Amazon Prime Day deals, it’s safe to say the TechRadar team has drank their way through a large amount of coffee. Which is why the Amazon Prime Day coffee machine deals are so close to our hearts. 

But my favourite Prime Day deal on all things coffee is this Krups Virtuoso XP442C40 Espresso and Coffee Maker. It was on sale at £199.99, but is half price right now at just £99.99.

When looking for an espresso machine, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to grind the beans myself or buy a Nespresso-style pod machine. Fortunately, this miracle device does both. It brilliantly offers the option of ground coffee or soft pods, so no having to decide between the two at the point of purchase. 

It’s a compact little machine, all stainless steel, that looks beautiful in the kitchen and takes up relatively little countertop space. It makes two cups simultaneously with a 15-bar pressure pump and carries an automatic flow cutoff. Check it out below:

Krups Viruoso  Espresso and Coffee Maker: was

Krups Viruoso  Espresso and Coffee Maker: was £199.99 and now £99.99 at Amazon

This little stainless steel beauty can switch between ground coffee and pods at will. It comes with a milk-frothing wand for perfect lattes and cappuccinos, and can make a full-bodied espresso in just 40 seconds. 

This is our choice if you’re in the UK and are angling for a late-game coffee maker deal. Can’t decide between pods or ground coffee? You don’t have to - and at half price and under £100 to boot, it's one of the best value coffee machines you'll find today.

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