The Ninja Foodi Max XXXL air fryer dropping to its lowest price yet is the most delicious thing we've heard

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Cooking up a big meal for family and friends can feel like a kitchen scene from The Bear – being stuck labouring over a hot stove isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, making for an incredibly stressful experience.

Thankfully, there are some fantastic kitchen gadgets to help make cooking a breeze, and air fryers top the list for ease-of-use when it comes to preparing meals. Some of the best air fryers can cost a pretty penny though, especially if you need a larger one to feed many mouths.

The Ninja Foodi Max XXXL air fryer (AF400) is a great fit for larger households, or those who love to have guests over for dinner – it has two separate cooking compartments, so you can have two dishes on the go at once, and it stops food contamination while cooking. In total, this air fryer boasts a massive 9.5L capacity, so you really can feed an army. 

Importantly, it's down to just AU$269, which is its best ever price on Amazon. It has an official RRP of AU$449, but Amazon's current list price matches a discount we'd seen towards the end of January. It had dropped to AU$318 last week (start of February), making this AU$269 discounted price a very delicious offer indeed – which is 40% off the actual RRP! 

Ninja Foodi Max XXXL air fryer (AF400) AU$449AU$269 on Amazon

Ninja Foodi Max XXXL air fryer (AF400) | AU$449 AU$269 on Amazon (save AU$180)

Go big or go home with this massive 9.5L air fryer from Ninja Kitchen. The Ninja Foodi Max XXXL might be one bulky kitchen appliance, but if you have the counter space, you can nab it with a AU$180 discount – which is the best price we've seen on Amazon. Although the list price on Amazon is AU$337, Ninja Kitchen still lists the original launch price of AU$449 on its official website, so we've used that as our RRP here.

It's also available at Bing Lee for the same AU$269 discounted price, which is definitely better than the AU$318 at JB Hi-Fi.

You’ll be cooking up a storm in no time with this air fryer – the Ninja Foodi Max XXXL has six different functions built in. You can grill, fry, bake, roast, reheat and even dehydrate your food, all while using less oil than other traditional cooking methods.

See, an air fryer lives up to its name – circulating hot air inside the device to cook your meals to perfection. You don’t need large vats of oil to crisp up chips or other tasty delights, making for a healthier meal that still has a delectable crunch to it. 

What makes the Ninja Foodi Max XXXL really stand out is its aforementioned dual zones – most air fryers only have a single compartment, meaning you have to cook one portion of your meal, then wash out the basket if you want to avoid contamination. This dual basket system will let you cook twice as much at once, with independent cooking zones so you can set the temperature and times independently from one another.

It boasts a sleek finish with chrome-coloured accents and an easy-to-use button pad and dial for all your settings, acting as multiple different cooking appliances built into one.

When you’re all done, it’s super simple to clean as well, so you won’t be stuck in the kitchen cleaning up a large mess for too long. It has dishwasher-safe baskets, and non-stick crisper plates that need a simple handwash wash after each use, giving you more time to spend with your household or guests, without worrying about a stack of pots and pans in the sink.

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